FreeiPods Capitalizes on Permission Marketing

FreeiPods, which gives away a free iPod to anyone who signs up to receive online marketing promotions and gets five other people to do so, is moving marketing to the people. Combining the increased control consumers have over media consumption, a shift to permission-based marketing and the power of viral marketing, FreeiPods is, in essence, recruiting consumers to do marketing for its clients. Nothing is more powerful that a friend telling you a product is great and that is exactly what FreeiPods is tapping into. While some thought the company to be a bit sketchy, it's been vetted and many people have joined.

"Of course I was skeptical, but I didn't see any harm in trying," said Collin Grady, 22. They never once asked for a credit card number and I didn't have to pay shipping. I just told them where to send it.... All in all, a very painless process."

FreeiPods is run by Washington, D.C. based Gratis Internet, a marketing firm that is paid by its clients based on how many customers it delivers to its clientele. this is smart marketing.

by Steve Hall    Aug-18-04   Click to Comment   

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I signed up to freeipods and got my ipod. I've also found another site with same principle called they are giving away free mini motos, tv watch, hifi and payments to $450/250. The best thing of all is the offer you must complete is also free, where as free ipod offers usually have offers where you must subscribe and spend money, I know I had to (not free after all)

Posted by: Lee on October 3, 2005 10:24 AM