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CoolBusinessIdeas Expands Distribution and Builds Weblog

CoolBusinessIdeas, a Singapore-based business intelligence company which publishes a free, monthly e-newsletter that collects new business ideas and innovations globally, has expanded its reach to cater to an international audience.

CoolBusinessIdeas has also built its new website around an open blog.

The blog and newsletter tracks emerging business innovations in overseas markets which businesses around the world can emulate. Written in a concise yet informal manner, the articles in the newsletter touch on business ideas such as "Micro-Purchasing", "Supermarkets of the Future", and "Innovation + Style = Lots of Customers". The idea are intended to serve as inspiration for business professionals and entrepreneurs to think of how they can use these new concepts in their companies.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-04    

Russia's Beer Ad Ban Signed By Putin

We reported earlier that Russia had plans to ban beer advertising. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed than ban into law. Beer advertisers will no longer be able to run television or radio from 7AM to 10PM and will never be able to imply that beer is connected to social, athletic or personal success. No more beer babes for Russia.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-04    

McDonald's Running 'Original Olympics' Woman in Labor Ad

A reader reports having seen an Olympics related McDonald's ad that incorporates giving birth and the tagline, "The Original Olympics."

I heard a rumor that McDonald's has an Olympics themed commercial featuring pregnant women and women in labor under the banner 'the original olympics' referring to giving birth. I haven't seen the ad -- report came from WI so maybe its more localized -- but I thought it was an interesting take. Reportedly doesn't feature any food products, etc.
Has anyone seen this or have more info on it?

UPDATE: Answer in Comments thanks to Durinda.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-04    

AD-ID to Incorporate EDI

Association of National Advertisers President and CEO Bob Liodice writes on his blog abou the upcoming integration of the redently announce AD-ID and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which, accoring to Bob, will solve all our tracking, billing, reporting and make good headaches.

Just think of the enormous productivity that will be generated by the media ordering and invoicing system. Just think about the end of incorrect advertising placements and screw-ups in the billing process. Just think of having the ability to verify what commercial truly ran. Just think about the opportunity to take your media asset and target it more directly to a particular audience segment or geography - and being able to measure its impact. Those dreams are becoming reality.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-04    

Advertising Week Trading Cards Unveiled

To go along with the upcoming Advertising Week in New York City the week of September 20, 52 trading cards made up of favorite advertising icons such as Tony the Tiger, Smokey Bear and Mr. Peanut have been unveiled on the Advertising Week website.

People can register online to buy cards by correctly answering advertising brand questions, inviting friends to join and by visiting sponsor sites.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-04    

Quentin Tarantino Launches Weblog

Movie Director Quentin Tarantino has started a weblog called QT's Diary.

Whether it's real or not, who knows. In the blog, he responds to fan mail, hate mail and talks about the possibility of Kill Bill 3. Just doesn't sound right though.

by Steve Hall    Aug-24-04    

Site Proves Advertisers Are Out of Ideas

Here's a site that helps support the notion all creative ideas are just iterations of other ideas. Coloribus Admirror is a collection of ads whose concept/imagery are the same and are presented for comparison's sake. Take look. See if your ad is there.

by Steve Hall    Aug-24-04    

BannerReport A Database of Banners

If you've ever seen an online campaign and wanted to see it again you are usually out of luck. Tari Akpodiete's BannerReport is here to help. Boasting 15,000 images, BannerReport allows you to view and search for banners based on size, type, style and keyword. Try it.

by Steve Hall    Aug-24-04    

Absolut Extends Brand to Music

Most likely in reaction to the fact that everyone in the world has seen an Absolut bottle, the vodka company is extending its brand interpretation by setting the bottle to music. Absolut has launched Absolut Tracks, a website that features various musical producer/DJs musical representation of the bottle. Each producer has created a "song" along with an explanation of the interpretation. If this representation of the brand becomes as embedded as the current visual campaign has, this opens up a whole new world of marketing opportunity for Absolut.

Everything from radio commercials with nothing but the music to ring tones to iTunes downloads to nightclub dance tracks. In any manner that sound can be heard, Absolut can deliver its brand "imagery." Let's hope they move past the current crop of electronika though.

by Steve Hall    Aug-24-04    

Maxim UK Gets Hot Dates For Readers

Big Boobs For Big Bellys

Perhaps desensitized by the plethora of semi-nude hotties gracing the covers of most men's magazines these days, guys are heading elsewhere, hurting many lad magazine's circulation numbers including Maxim UK. Greg Gutfield, the new Maxim UK editor, wants to bring men back and to do so he's offering readers more than just pictures of sexy women. He's offering up their curvaceous glory in the flesh.

In return for offering beautiful women to be photographed and appear in the magazine, they must agree to go on a date with a reader. Good news for the guys. Not so good news for the girls. We all know maybe one percent of male readers of Maxim could be considered hot. The other 99 percent are fat slobs imagining they are hot while drooling over the pictorials. Let's hope, for the women's sake, they get to see pictures of the men. It's only fair. Afterall, does a woman want to date a guy that has as much stomach cleavage as she has breast cleavage? Thanks to Charley Brough for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Aug-24-04    

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