Man Offers Back of Head as Ad Space for $60,000

Jeremy Martin has placed the back of his head up for auction as ad space. He's asking $60,000 for a one year placement in the form of a tattoo. He'll also place the winning bidders logo on his car as well as make a personalize vanity plate for the advertiser. He's holding firm on his price saying, "I will not take less than that because I'm going to have a tattoo on the back of my head for the rest of my life.

He's had 1,100 inquiries so far but no bidders. "I don't think anybody wants to be the first person to try something out," Martin said. Truth be told, he's not the first to offer up a skull as a billboard. Earlier this year, Jim Nelson did it for C Host. Thanks to Rick Bruner for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Aug-19-04   Click to Comment   

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