McDonald's Running 'Original Olympics' Woman in Labor Ad

A reader reports having seen an Olympics related McDonald's ad that incorporates giving birth and the tagline, "The Original Olympics."

I heard a rumor that McDonald's has an Olympics themed commercial featuring pregnant women and women in labor under the banner 'the original olympics' referring to giving birth. I haven't seen the ad -- report came from WI so maybe its more localized -- but I thought it was an interesting take. Reportedly doesn't feature any food products, etc.
Has anyone seen this or have more info on it?

UPDATE: Answer in Comments thanks to Durinda.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-04   Click to Comment   

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I have seen the ad, and I actually found it quite beautiful, especially the way the images of the women interact with the background piano music. In fact, I've been trying to locate a site that offers a clip of the ad for download. If anyone knows of such a site, a link would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: AdGuy on May 12, 2005 6:08 AM

Yes, Virginia, there really is a McD's commercial titled "Original Olympics." Made by a British ad firm, I long ago had a link to it -- which I am sad to have lost.

The ad shows pregnant women from different cultures making it through their daily lives while enormously pregnant -- like a strenuous far-away walk-up in NY, shopping with a bike whish reuires a brief rest and wiping her brow, cradling her tummy in front of a mirror and dancing with a lovely smile on her face...and eventually one of the women struggling her way through labor in the climax of the ad.

It's one of the most sublime and beautiful ads I have ever seen.

I'd LOVE to find it again and weep my way through about twenty more times of viewing it, lol.

Posted by: Beth on November 18, 2008 9:12 AM