Milla Jovovich Promotes New Movie With Maxim Spread

Supermodel Milla Jovovich is promoting her new movie, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, with a spread in Maxim. The Superficial wonders (and has more pictures), admitting to not having seen the movie yet, why one of the world's highest paid models would star in "a piece of shit" like Resident Evil. Well we know why. More money. The first one made $100 million (so I heard) and the next one should do at least that. Besides, the movie was actually good. The movie's not out yet but the trailer looks good if you are into the whole Resident Evil/end of the world thing. Another reason it may do well? While it was fun to watch a girl in mini skirt kick ass as Milla did in the first movie, there's now two mini-skirted ass kickers saving Raccoon City in the second movie.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Aug-20-04  
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