New Research Finds Radio the 'Touchie Feelie' Medium

Trying to insure it's savior from obliteration as a medium, new research commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau and conducted by Radio Advertising Effectiveness Lab has found a new way to set the medium apart from television and newspaper. The research found the medium to be more emotional and more individual in its relation to the listener.

"Maybe the biggest difference between television and radio is that when [consumers] think of television, they say it tunes them into the world. When they think of radio, it tunes them into their world," said RAEL consultant Jim Peacock. Peacock. Funny. The old TV peacock cheerleading for radio.

As much fun as it would be, you can't really disagree with this research. Just think of all those fantasies (no, not the sexual ones) you have driving alone - or even with friends who don't talk - in your car while listening to your favorite song or an NPR baritone eloquently deliver the state of the world. It is more personal. Admit it. You can love Howard Stern alone in your car but if you were listening to him with your mother/father/wife/husband/daughter/girlfriend/boyfriend, it would be it bit different and even make you squirm.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Aug-23-04  
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