Paris Hilton In Talks to Shill Burger King

Following her scene in The Simple Life 2 in which she and Nicole Richie, who had no money at the time, tried to get other Burger King customers to cough up some green backs so they could eat, Burger King has taken notice and is reportedly paying Hilton $750,000 to appear in a TV commercial helmed by music-video director David LaChapelle. The commercial may incorporate one of Hilton's songs she's currently recording in her quest to become an even bigger celebu-starlet.

Hilton said in a Washington Post interview, "I have a really good metabolism. And I love Burger King, it's my favorite fast-food place." BK has got to love that. Hilton seems to be for sale a lot these days. She's even developing her own logo.

UPDATE: Ad Age reports Burger King has second thoughts about the Hilton ad with one BK marketer saying,"Given the extreme baggage she carries, it was killed."

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04   Click to Comment   

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