Queer Dogs, Aliens and Heavy Weights in Commercials This Week

Ad Age rounds up this weeks TV Spots of the Week beginning with an over the top take off on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for Hartz in which a dog and a cat get the full gay boy treatment.

Then there's this freaky girl freaking this guy out at a gas station for both Volkswagen and IFC. Weird. Just weird. Moving along, we have a bunch of Olympic hurdlers avoiding traps in a spot against the illegal wildlife trade with the requisite solemn voiceover.

Shop 'n Save promotes its Saturday circulars giving its shopper a "cart-up" on the competition. IAG's most remember spot is for Pizza Hut with grandma promoting the new Twisted Pizza Hut pizza in the way most grandmothers do - eat, eat more. The Navy preys on the minds of young, video game enthralled boys explaining the Navy is more fun because it has real rockets. Finally, an Olympic weightlifter successfully lifts with load but them drops it a few floors too far on top on an unsuspecting couple who has just parked their car wondering if their car insurance s good enough. Allstate says it could handle the mess.

by Steve Hall    Aug-23-04   Click to Comment   

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