Radio Shack Tagline 'Stolen' From Tia Fix

Tia Fix writes about a dreamy morning struggle with her alarm's snooze button and how she heard a Radio Shack tagline she once thought was her own.

"'If you have questions, we have answers?!' That's totally Tia.

What the heck is Radio Shack doing with a Tia Fix slogan?

I've been using that spiel in email and in person for 1.5 yrs!
I bet it's copyrighted and everything!
I'm foiled by my own celebrity!"

Proof positive there are no new ideas anymore.

See comments for how, apparently, wrong I (and Tia) am/are and for the usual hilarity that goes along with commenters who just have to set the record straight.

by Steve Hall    Aug-18-04   Click to Comment   

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