ScooterMan Promotes Service For the Drunk

BizNetTravel tells us about a great service we all need from time to time. When you are out on the town having a good time and the end of the night nears, you realize (or your friends do) you are far too drunk to get behind the wheel. Fear not, British company ScooterMan is there. For a small fee, a ScooterMan driver (not the bikini-clad hottie pictured on the BizNetTravel site) will meet your drunken, drooling ass on his scooter, put it in your trunk, drive you home, then grab his scooter and head out for the next drunk. Their website does a great job explaining the service. Of course, you can only get drunk in England because they haven't figured out how to make scooter that floats. Or, if you live in LA, go here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-19-04   Click to Comment   

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