TBS Launches 'He's A Lady' Girlie Man Reality Show

While we know there are no new ideas in advertising, reality producers have, apparently, not admitted that to themselves about the reality TV genre. Like some teen movie claiming orange the new pink, TNT will try to convince us their new reality show, He's A Lady is really a new take on reality TV. The show, what Queer Eye For The Straight Guy should have been, takes 11 big burly dudes, fools them into thinking they are competing for in a muscle-fest called All American Male and awards $250,000 to the man who can make himself look most like a woman. Judging this atrocity will be Morgan Fairchild and Detrot Piston John Salley among others.

The finale will imitate a beauty pageant that includes the all important question, "What, as a lady, have you learned about being a man?" Thanks to Adrants reader Charley Brough for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-04   Click to Comment   

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