UK Land Rover Ad Banned For Glamorizing Guns

A television commercial that shows a woman grabbing a hand gun from a drawer and running out of the house after her husband brandishing it while he climbs into his Freelander Sport has caused 348 complaints to ad regulator Ofcom making it one of the top ten "most complained about" ads. As it turns out, the woman wasn't running after her husband to shoot him but rather to shoot the gun vertically into the air as a starter pistol triggering her husband's enjoyment of his vehicle as if her were in a race.

England is a country where hand guns are illegal and any portrayal of them in an unsafe way would understandably cause a high number of complaints.

"Given regular coverage of high-profile shooting incidents and public concern about the wider social impact of the so-called gun culture, the glamorization and normalization of guns, even indirectly, is simply offensive to many people," Ofcom said.

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04   Click to Comment   

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