Video Games Threaten Television Viewership, Console Gaming Ripe For Marketers

Not that we didn't see this coming but another study citing the growth of gaming is giving network execs serious ulcers. A Ziff-Davis study claims 54.5 million U.S. households play console video games (overtaking the 52.3 million PC gamers), 26 percent say their television viewing has decreased and 20 percent say they expect their television viewing to decrease further. Additionally, mobile (cell phone) gaming has increased to 16.3 million households up from 8.1 million a year ago.

While growth continues, Starcom Play VP Director PJ MacGregor, whom we contacted for this story, thinks the focus of gaming marketers is in the wrong area, "The reality is that most of the people that are paying attention to the gaming space are thinking about it in a very limited manner. Just as there is more to internet marketing than "banners" and keywords, there is more to gaming related marketing than "advergaming" and "product placement". Those two terms should be removed from the vernacular."

MacGregor says the much-hyped in-game integration is but a small piece of the pie saying, "Marketing alliances that include co-marketing, co-op advertising, packaging, new products, retail tie-ins, promotions etc. are going to be an increasingly popular route for marketers to take when it comes to leveraging the gaming universe."

MacGregor sees the space moving away from boxed gaming to connected consoles. "More and more gamers are moving towards connected play - this isn't going to slow down. Because this space is "connected" advertisers will be able to get in and out quickly - no 6-12 month leads that we experience with the boxed products. The ad units or ad experience opportunities are limitless - downloadables, additional levels, tournaments, full-motion video ads - like broadband video online, promotions etc."

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-04   Click to Comment   

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