Weblog Promotes Panties

Rick Bruner over at BusinessBlogConsultiong didn't think it was appropriate for his site - even though he covered it anyway - but he did think it was appropriate for Adrants and he's right! We love anything you're not supposed to see in the office so we give it to you here. This weblog, Hotpants, covers that all important area of women's undergarments. Claiming "all panties, all the time," the site reviews the latest in pantie fashion, tells you about pantie fashion events and tells you where you can buy the stuff. If there isn't already a marketer behind this or tapping (uh...oops..was that a pun?) this, there should be. Got lingerie? Send it to girlnyc and she/he will surely write about it.

by Steve Hall    Aug-16-04   Click to Comment   

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