Adrants Billboards: Ad Agencies Still Relevant? Snooze...

  • A psychiatrist examines how viral marketing has infiltrated youth and offers parents tips to help "unplug: their kids from the onslaught.
  • Microsoft's online magazine Slate has finally found a buyer. The Washington Post is expected to announce its purchase of the online mag.
  • Recent RADAR study high reach to high income groups - 95 percent. Also 97 percent to working women and 94 percent 12 plus.
  • An iMedia Brand Summit panel asks the age old question, "Are Agencies Still Relevant?" Another question to ponder, "Why would be be asking that question if they were?"
  • In yet another "Not Another Study Confirming What We Already Know," an Online Publishers Association study says...hold your breath...the Internet is our favorite medium. OK, TV did pretty well too.
  • Ponderosa Ranch, based on NBC's Bonanza which ran from 1959 to 1973, rides off into the sunset after being purchased by PeopleSoft Founder David Duffield.
  • "I play this girl named Caitlin, and I'm dating Logan, who's the cool guy in school, and we're, like, the 'it' couple. And I'm doing a little bit of cheating with somebody." Eesh...Paris Hilton on her guest appearance in WB's Veronica Mars. No comment on her latest sex tape.
Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Sep-28-04  
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