Burger King and AOL Promotion Dumps Blank CDs on College Campus

As an extension to its HaveItYourWay promotion, Burger King has teamed with AOL to invade the campus of Arizona State University distributing blank CDs in the school newspaper, The State Press.

The CDs, packaged with a cover that says, "What's Up With This Blank CD" and a pamphlet that says "Mix It Your Way," were distributed as an insert in the school's newspaper yesterday.

The copy read, "It's yours to burn any way you want with free music downloaded from America Online when you buy a hot Original WHOPPER sandwich from BURGER KING. There are over 700,000 songs to choose from, including in-studio performances from Sessions and AOL." It's very likely we'll see this campaign on more college campuses around the country. More images here, here and here. Thanks to ASU grad student Tian for the tip and pictures.

by Steve Hall    Sep-21-04   Click to Comment   

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