George Clooney Featured in Fiat Commercial

Admitting the potential for over exposure but questioning the need for the extra cash, we note George Clooney in a new commercial for Italian Fit. For years, Japan has been the place American celebrities go to start in cheesy looking Japanese commercial a la Bill Murray's Lost in Translation. You can see them all in action at Japander.

In this commercial, Clooney, who is on vacation in Germany, jogs by a new Fiat Idea, sees an open passenger door and gets in to check out the interiort. Just when he's beginning to get real comfy, the owner of the car returns, quickly locks the doors and speeds off with the trapped Hollywood star. The ad closes with the tag, "George not included." The ad is currently airing in Italy and will begin airing in Germany in a month or two.

Clooney's appearance in this commercial is another example of American stars lending their fame to audiences abroad without diluting their popularity here in the States. Thanks to Adrants reader Oliver Bentz for the tip and translation.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Sep-23-04  
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