Gourmet Impressions Promotes Food Embossing Ad Medium

Gourmet Impressions would like to convince us their "Roller" and "Stamper" food embossing products will yeild far more cost-efficient marketing programs especially during Super Bowl time. Pizza, of course, is a well consumed food while watching footbal and wouldn't every marketer love to have their message "stamped" on that pizza as it is being consumed. To have your message consumed by the consumer - what could be better? Any establishment that sells food, can now sell ad space on that food.

It's a nifty idea but putting together any sort of network with any scale would prove to be a bit difficult unless, of course, McDonald's or Burger King let their burger buns be stamped with a national advertiser's logo. That could happen and probobly will. If it does, we'll have a new national ad medium. if it doesn't, it's still another way for local advertisers to promote their businesses locally.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Sep- 2-04  
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