Lime Has Sex With Lemon on Candy Packaging

"Mommy, why is that lime licking those cherries?" "Dad, why is that lime pressing against that lemon?" Those are the questions parent in the UK are likely to hear once their kids see this new packaging on Haribo Maoam candy.

Reacting to what could admittedly be construed as two fruits enjoying themselves sexually on the packaging of Haribo Maoam fruit candy, a Catholic college has written a letter of complaint to the company.

"We are shocked at the shameless presentation of sexual practices on the wrapping, which includes not only sexual intercourse but also fellatio and cunnilingus. It's irresponsible, to expose children to such pornographic representations. The lemon, which from the drawing looks female, is obviously enjoying it with the greatest of pleasure." wrote the St Blasien Jesuit College near Bonn.

Haribo claims that in package testing there were no complaints and feedback has been positive. They obviously tested against an audience living far outside our mainstream, sex addled culture. Thanks to Rick Bruner for the tip.

UPDATE: According to Dominik in Comments, the letter was a hoax "written by students in St. Blasien, which is, by the way, far away from Bonn in the beautiful Black Forest, was just a prank for the traditional end-of-school magazine written by the students."

by Steve Hall    Sep- 2-04   Click to Comment   

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