Maven Launches BMC to Measure Video-Based Advertising

Maven Networks, Inc., developers of a platform for marketers to deliver high-impact, interactive video content to the desktops of broadband consumers, today launched the Broadband Marketing Consortium (BMC). The BMC is a collaboration of marketers to measure consumer response to receiving interactive video content over the web directly from a brand.

Maven will work with each participant to develop a branded channel that includes attitudinal and behavioral research components designed to evaluate consumer response to the channel.

"The BMC will bring together leading-edge marketers to further define and drive the emerging broadband video platform for advertising and marketing," said Susan Bratton, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Maven. "Using the Maven platform, marketers can now combine the emotional qualities of television with the targeting and measurement available via the Web. The BMC will benchmark the impact of this new style of digital marketing."

The primary focus of the BMC is the measurement of consumer attitude and behavior for each marketer's channel. Between 60 and 70 percent of all findings will be blinded and shared among BMC participants in order to allow each brand to benchmark their metrics against the normative data of the group. An executive summary of the results will be delivered to each BMC member.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Sep-27-04  
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