Metro Newspaper 'Hires' Anna Wintour to Promote Paper

The New York edition of commuter paper Metro has hired a bunch of Anna Wintour look-a-likes to promote the paper. The Anna's could be spotted this morning in Bryant Park. Full size images here and here.

The models were dressed in head to toe in Chanel-esque suits and shiny brown shoulder length bobs to honor a famous fashion editor and icon.

This was Metro's final bash as Fashion Week drew to a close ending a great week of parties and fashion.

Metro is the largest and fastest growing international newspaper in the world. 37 daily Metro editions are published in 54 major cities in 16 countries in 15 languages across Europe, North & South America and Asia. Metro has a unique global reach - attracting a young, active, well-educated audience of more than 14 million daily readers and over 32 million weekly readers. Metro has an equal number of male and female readers and 70% are under the age of 45. Metro's advertising sales have grown at a compound annual rate of 47% since the launch of the first edition in 1995.

UPDATE: Metro Promotions people found the real Anna Wintour on the streets and actually got her to smile.

by Steve Hall    Sep-13-04   Click to Comment   

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