Oprah Show One Big Car Commercial

Thirty second spot? So yesterday. Long form-commercial? Uh, uh. Product placement? Out like trucker hats. An entire Oprah show disguised as a commercial for Pontiac's new G6? Killer marketing concept of the last 15 minutes.

Oprah's 2004 season premiere yesterday spent the entire show promoting and giving away to every member in the audience, a new Pontiac G6. Seven million dollar's worth of Detroit metal. Oprah even toured the plant and played vingette's of that on the show. While we are as far from Oprah's demo as one could get, it sure seems like the audience was having a good time ...screaming, hugging, jumping and just generally looking like a fool as most do on talk shows. But hey, Pontiac got some good vibe out of this. Thanks to B.L. Ochman for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-04   Click to Comment   

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Fuck that! LOL your juss jealous you didn't get a car! you loser! LMAO ha ha ha

Posted by: Victor on March 28, 2006 11:32 PM