Votergasm Encourages Voting And Having Orgasms

B.L. Ochman points to Votergasm, a group that encourages young Americans to vote, has launched a website where citizens can pledge to have sex with or withhold sex from their partners based on there voting plans. Vote and you get sex. Don't and you don't. The group seeks to get 100,000 first time voters to the polls and to "catalyze 250,000 orgasms by the morning of November 3."

If we do our math correctly, there's a few multiple orgasms in there.

Or at least multiple partner action going on. All good.

According the website, "Votergasm is a non-partisan nonprofit campaign formed to simultaneously reverse two disturbing trends in American society: low voting rates among young people, and unacceptably low rates of youth sexual activity. The focus of is to encourage young people everywhere to pledge to have sex with voters on Election Night, and withhold sex from non-voters until the next presidential election."

We have absolutely no problem with that approach. More orgasms are great for reducing stress and political correctness desease. Be sure to check out the collection of hilarious pictorials ("Letters to members of Congress, Dawn reflects, are like skirts: they get the most attention if they're short, tight, and clear" and "Rod and Mercedes love to have sex on the beach--but, because of the tides, the beach keeps moving! High tide, low tide, high tide... it drives them crazy. They want change. They've written to Congress, but have had no luck. To stop the tides, it seems, they'll have to form an advocacy group.") mixing sex with tongue in cheek political interests. Brilliant.

by Steve Hall    Sep-23-04   Click to Comment   

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