Mitsubishi Bows New 'Best-Backed' Ad Campaign

In a nod to its tagline, "the best backed cars in the world," Mitsubishi, today, launched a new national advertising campaign featuring images of hundreds of Mitsubishi technicians dressed in red coveralls. In one spot, "Anthem," which features the song :Draggin' The Line" by Tommy and the Shondells, technicians line the sides of the roads in a "wall of red" while a Mitsubishi drives along. As the Mitsubishi pulls to a stop, one technician steps out of the line to tighten the tire valve cap, smiles at his colleagues for a job well done, then steps back into line.

In "Road Trip," the campaign's second spot slated to break in November, a technician is casually performing a regular vehicle maintenance service under a Mitsubishi vehicle in motion. He then nonchalantly rolls out from underneath the moving vehicle, pops up the creeper like a skateboard, and walks away with confidence that his task was completed.

Deutsch LA created the campaign which will air on TNT, BET, History Channel, USA, Food Network, MSNBC and broadcast networks.

by Steve Hall    Oct-11-04    

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