Adrants Welcomes New Advertisers

Business is booming here at Adrants and we want to make sure you know who's paying our rent. HP has been with us a long time and now they are offering a $700 rebate on a new Designjet printer and a chance to win a digital camera. AzoogleAds has joined us to tell you about their kick ass online advertising services for advertisers and publishers. Aquent has a bunch of ad industry videos for you to view that feature industry vets sharing their war stories and telling you how you can improve your marketing and creative services. BrainMass Professional is a company you really need to check out. They provide all the kinds of research and market/competitive/trend analysis quickly and painlessly to make you smart for your client or boss. has joined Adrants to explain its DVD marketing program that allows marketers to place DVD content in front of 42 million Amazon shoppers. OK, enough self congratulation. Back to the news.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-04   Click to Comment   

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