Advercan Debuts Can Top Advertising

Joining the now lengthy list of "adver" media, Advercan has introduced can top advertising offering the potential to deliver 260 billion impressions per year. Five years in development, the six-layer plastic Avercan label serves as both an advertising medium and a "Cleancap(TM)" designed to keep the can top clean from the bottling plant to the store shelf. The company says the protective seal can thwart the spread of dirt, germs and other contaminants. It also fills up landfills quickly too but Advercan isn't promoting that small detail.

"Advertisers are always looking for ways to reach consumers with unique new messaging," said Advercan founder Kenny Mac McClintock. "This label double-delivers: It promotes the advertiser, and creates cleaner can."

McClintock adds the can top provides means to bottlers to reduce costs.

by Steve Hall    Oct-29-04   Click to Comment   

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