Destiny's Child Joins McDonald's 'I'm Lovin' It' Campaign

Hoping to fatten up America and perhaps finally reveal the secret behind Beyonce's behind, McDonald's has enlisted the help of recently re-grouped Destiny's Child as spokesgroup for the calorie laden fast food marketer. The threesome will appear in a new collection of McDonald's ads and, in turn, McDonald's will sponsor the group's new worldwide tour beginning in spring 2005 and called, predictably, "Destiny's fulfilled and Levin' it." "We're lovin' the chance to work with McDonald's and know that together we'll create lots of fun and cool surprises," gushed Beyonce Knowles or more likely McDonald's PR people. "McDonald's shares our passion for music, so we can't wait to start connecting to our fans -- McDonald's customers -- all over the world."

by Steve Hall    Oct- 6-04   Click to Comment   

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