Gawker Media Launches Three Male-Focused Sites

Gawker Media, publisher of Gawker, Defamer and Fleshbot, has launched three new site it refers to as the "testosterone trio." Finally, some guy sites Adrants can play with. Jalopnik is a car site, Kotaku is a video game site and Screehead is described as a site the covers "funny shit." Published by Nick Denton, the sites are sure to see quick success as did previous launches. See his announcement here.

In addition to the launches, Gawker Media has signed a deal with Audi to be the exclusive, site integration sponsor of the Jalopnik site.

Along with ad banners, the Audi logo is embedded within the Jalopnik site and site graphics.

Denton describes the topic matter of the sites as serving the needs of advertisers. "The motivation for rolling out these sites now is very much about advertiser and audience demand," said Nick Denton, the publisher of Gawker Media. "Right now, we don't have enough inventory for people who are trying to reach young males. The idea was to come up with sites that would interest them - around here, we say that Screenhead is a site built for men who are too lazy to watch TV."

We describe the sites as "rockin', guy-focused sites that won't offend women."

by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-04   Click to Comment   

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