Wiz Radio Launches In-Bathroom Radio Network

Once a haven for stress free rumination, the men's public rest room has been under siege by marketers desperate to get their claws into unsuspecting consumers at all costs. Following other wiz-related bathroom advertising, I Heard It Media Group in Hartford, has launched WIZ RADIO, a pre-recorded audio production that plays in the restrooms of twenty-five establishments. Consisting of comedy, trivia, and advertisements, the feed is updated and changed monthly. In addition to the on premise audio, is WizRadio.com, a website for searching nightlife, dining, entertainment, career search, singles connection and shopping. Advertisers in the Hartford market are Coors, Guinness, Miller, Hartford Advocate, LIA Hyundai, and Travis Mortgage. The product is scheduled to be in all major cities across the United States by June 2005. Soon, earplugs may become as important as toilet paper.

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-04   Click to Comment   

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