Video Phone Ad Deceives Chat Room Style

Now that everyone has a camera phone, the next big thing is the video phone. Italian company TIM is promoting VideoMessagio, an application that provides a mobile phone up to one minute of video and sound. There's an ad floating around the web promoting this product with a woman taking a cam video of her hot body for her boyfriend - or at least that's what our non-existent Italian language skills deduced.

If you've spent any time in a chat room and viewed people's profile pics, you begin to wonder why you are the only one without a hot body, 36DD breasts or a foot long hanging between your legs. A new mobile phone company is capitalizing on this virtual persona trend with a new ad for its mobile phone video product which records up to a minute of video with sound. In the ad, a woman, dressed in nothing but white panties and a bra, is seen cooing into her phone recording a cam tease for the lucky recipient. But, as with most chat profiles, things are not always what they seem.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-04    

Wendy's Founder Returns From Dead In New Campaign

Mercifully killing the ill-advised Mr. Wendy, Wendy's is bringing back founder and long time spokesman Dave Thomas. No, he wasn't found hanging out with Elvis in a nursing home, he really is dead. But, in an equally ill-advised and questionable effort, the chain will feature pictures of Dave Thomas in a new campaign, to debut Friday, touting the burger joint's 35th anniversary. With slumping sales, Wendy's needs all the help it can get. Who knows, maybe dead Dave can help.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-04    

Gap Continues Campaign With Sarah Jessica Parker

As we mentioned before, the attractiveness of Sarah Jessica Parker eludes us but that hasn't stopped the Gap from continuing their relationship wit the Sex and the City star in a holiday campaign debuting today. Parker will appear in three spots along with Josh Duhamel, Mary J. Blige, Will Kemp, J.C.

Chasez, Frankie Rayder, Joy Bryant, Kelis, and Van Hunt. Other featured campaigns in this week's MediaPost Out to Launch column by Amy Corr are the humorous CNN campaign featuring on air personalities joking around, a street campaign for the bank HSBC offers free cab/subway/bus rides to New Yorkers who correctly answer two Big Apple trivia questions, more free (by invite) cab rides from UK-based Interoute who is promoting their communications network with a video in the cab and an in-cab meeting with a company representative, a TV campaign for Hachette Filipacchi's For Me lifestyle magazine launch, a Tweeter campaign which promise to untangle home entertainment, a promotional campaign for BET and yes, a Smokey Bear campaign. The dude is old. He's celebrating his 60th birthday.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-04    

'Sopranos' Star James Gandolphini Face of Kobold Campaign

The Sporanos star James Gandolphini has lent his likeness to the Kobold watch company to promote its new Soarway Diver SEAL diving watch. Visitors to the promotional site can pre-order the product at a discounted price prior to December 14. Just in time to swim through the sea of dreaded office parties around the corner.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-04    

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The Viral Awards Come to New York

The Viral Awards, a new organizations that celebrates worldwide viral advertising is bringing its award show to New York February 15. The event will be judged by creative executives from around the country. A portion of the event's proceeds will be donated to The Food Bank For New York City, to help provide food to the emergency feeding programs of New York City. The panel will consist of the following:

  • Kirk Souder, President, Executive Creative Director, Publicis & Hal Riney San Francisco
  • Greg Popp, SVP Group Executive Producer, DDB/Chicago
  • Fred & Farid, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
  • Brian Beletic, Director, Smuggler
  • Roger Camp, Creative Director, Wieden and Kennedy, Portland
  • Steve Wax, Executive Producer/Partner, Chelsea Pictures
  • Ian Grais, Creative Director, Rethink, Vancouver B.C.
  • Teressa Iezzi, Editor, Creativity Magazine
  • Matt Vescovo, Founder,
  • Jim Hanas, Editor, Adcritic
  • Philip Detchmendy Executive Producer, Tool of North America
  • Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, JibJab
  • Jason Gaboriau, Creative Director, Amalgamated, NYC
  • Patrick Milling Smith, Executive Producer/Founder, Smuggler
  • Paul Lavoie, Chairman, Chief Creative Officer, Taxi
  • Mike Monello, Director/Producer, Haxan
  • Owen Plotkin, President, the now corporation, NYC
  • Jeff Benjamin, Interactive Creative Director, Crispin Porter Bogusky
  • Rae Ann Fera, Acting Editor/Associate Editor, Boards Magazine

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-04    

The Future of Print Debated

MediaPost reports on conference held yesterday at the Time Life Building by Fortune and Sappi Fine Paper North America. While Fortune Senior Editor Geoff Colvin kicked off the meeting trying to prove print is still relevant by handing out software for Microsoft's book reader - which came with it's own printed manual, panelists were clear that change is on the way. Pulling out the usual ammunition (TV didn't displace radio), Sandy Alexander Commercial Printing President Roy Grossman said, "Print is not going to be displaced." Well of course it isn't because he would be without a job.

Hachette Publishing President and CEO Jack Kliger says the industry is wasting too much time competing against itself and not enough time promoting print as a medium. And a Starcom study was trotted out which found one third of those in a study, when asked to clip out the defining part of their reading experience, selected ad pages.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-04    

New Campaign Appeals to Gay Coke Sniffing Vodka Drinkers

New Zealand vodka, 42 BELOW, launched a street campaign Wednesday in New York City. Naturally, the campaign will only live below 42nd street and in true 42 BELOW form, feature edgy (Ed. oh, we really need to stop using that word now) executions such as "Drink it straight. Or Gay" or "Purer than the driven snow, even if you drove it yourself from Colombia". The campaign also pokes a bit of fun at the French with this copy: "If you were going to choose the perfect environment to make the world's most perfect vodka, you'd have to pick New Zealand. The water is clear and sweet, the air holds a standard for purity and hardly anyone is French".

42 BELOW Chief Vodka Drinker Geoff Ross explains the campaign saying, "There are bars here that have up to fifteen vodkas available. We need to stand out so we are hitting the city from the street up. If you are hip and you live in New York you live below 42nd street, so that is where we are concentrating. Everything has been tried in Manhattan, and we are so over PCism, so we thought we would tackle this with a kiwi approach and use some good honest, humor." We'll let Gawker debate the city's demarcation line for cool but, for now, there's a vodka that's outted itself walking the streets of the city. The campaign hits Soho, London early December.

Other campaign images here, here and here.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-04