ABC Sports Gets Desperate With 'Desperate Housewives' Promo

Never to leave a promotional stone unturned, ABC featured the towel-clad Nicolette Sheridan, who stars in the ABC series Desperate Housewives, in a promotion prior to Monday Night Football. In the promo, Sheridan is seen wearing a towel in the locker room convincing Terrell Owens to skip the game for her. She then drops the towel and Owens gives in grabbing her in a hug of lust. Well, of course, all those red staters got up in arms about it and complained to ABC Sports who agreed the placement was inappropriate and apologized.

View the clip here and see what the big deal is about. Done? See. It's nothing. No big deal. Nada, No nudity. No nothing. Go stick your head back in the sand you neo-conservative, nothing better to do than complain losers.

by Steve Hall    Nov-17-04   Click to Comment   

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