GM Adopts Weblogs With Launch of Smallblock Engine Blog

GM has launched a weblog to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the smallblock engine. The first entry was October 21 and discusses how the Chevrolet Corvette became a sports car once it had the GM smallblock V-8 was put under the hood.

Another couple posts review smallbock milestones over the last 50 years. Chevrolet Chief Engineer Ed Cole is highlighted as the man behind the creation of the engine. With proper syndication feeds, GM hopes, perhaps, to at least gather the following of some gearheads interested in this sort of thing. The blog sits on the domain indicating other blogs may follow but currently, the page only sports a GM Blogs logo. A call to Hass MS&L, a GM public relations agency and the whois registrant of the site confirms the site is a GM initiative but referred calls to GM's corporate communications.

We await callbacks.

There are innumerable, un-branded car enthusiast sites available and time will tell whether branded sites such as this GM blog will see adoption. While the site is clearly GM produced, it would behoove GM to state clearly on the weblog GM is firmly behind it so as to ward off skeptics. If GM does, in fact, have plans to launch more weblogs, the medium could gain more mainstream corporate awarness and be embraced by many more companies likely sitting on the sidelines pondering the viability of the medium.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Nov- 1-04  
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