GM Promotes Chevrolet With Online Video Channel

GM's Chevrolet division is launching "Chevy Live", a full-screen, DVD-quality interactive video application/channel that will be the centerpiece of an ongoing campaign for Chevy's broadband customers.

Created by Campbell-Ewald, Chevy Live can be viewed here.

We'd tell you all about it but, meaning no disrespect, these broadband video companies haven't yet realized that not everyone uses Explorer as their browser. We use Firefox and are much too lazy to open that old, bloated piece of standards non-compliant software.

The Chevy Live channel extends Chevrolet's existing American Revolution campaign and will launch with special footage from the Country Music Awards that were held on November 9, 2004. Using technology from Maven Networks, the channel will be frequently updated with new content such as music videos from country music artists including Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson, as well as Chevy promotions and will be proactively delivered to consumer's desktops. Product information on Chevrolet's vehicles, with an emphasis on their truck line, will be integrated into the channel to increase consumer awareness of new launches throughout the year.

by Steve Hall    Nov-12-04   Click to Comment   

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