New Campaign Appeals to Gay Coke Sniffing Vodka Drinkers

New Zealand vodka, 42 BELOW, launched a street campaign Wednesday in New York City. Naturally, the campaign will only live below 42nd street and in true 42 BELOW form, feature edgy (Ed. oh, we really need to stop using that word now) executions such as "Drink it straight. Or Gay" or "Purer than the driven snow, even if you drove it yourself from Colombia". The campaign also pokes a bit of fun at the French with this copy: "If you were going to choose the perfect environment to make the world's most perfect vodka, you'd have to pick New Zealand. The water is clear and sweet, the air holds a standard for purity and hardly anyone is French".

42 BELOW Chief Vodka Drinker Geoff Ross explains the campaign saying, "There are bars here that have up to fifteen vodkas available. We need to stand out so we are hitting the city from the street up. If you are hip and you live in New York you live below 42nd street, so that is where we are concentrating. Everything has been tried in Manhattan, and we are so over PCism, so we thought we would tackle this with a kiwi approach and use some good honest, humor." We'll let Gawker debate the city's demarcation line for cool but, for now, there's a vodka that's outted itself walking the streets of the city. The campaign hits Soho, London early December.

Other campaign images here, here and here.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     Nov-18-04  
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This is a bit out of control. I think these fellows should cease this type of hucksterism.

Posted by: Gayle on May 31, 2005 03:23 PM

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