Wendy's Founder Returns From Dead In New Campaign

Mercifully killing the ill-advised Mr. Wendy, Wendy's is bringing back founder and long time spokesman Dave Thomas. No, he wasn't found hanging out with Elvis in a nursing home, he really is dead. But, in an equally ill-advised and questionable effort, the chain will feature pictures of Dave Thomas in a new campaign, to debut Friday, touting the burger joint's 35th anniversary. With slumping sales, Wendy's needs all the help it can get. Who knows, maybe dead Dave can help.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     Nov-18-04  
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Well, speaking of bad taste, the new "RANCH" commercial (new in Canada at least) is not only unfunny, but is downright annoying! And the ranch dressing used in the commercial looks fake and unappetizing. Puts me off going to Wendy's, which is obviously not the objective!!

Posted by: Gordon on September 3, 2005 07:20 PM

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