Old Navy Model Worshipped With Blog

Someone's so enamored with the blond in the new Old Navy Holiday commercials he's started a weblog devoted to her. Old Navy can't be complaining. Of course the skeptic in us requires we consider the possibility Old Navy has a hand in this blog. But, for now, with the holiday season on top of us, we'll just steer our thoughts to holiday cheer and assume it's just an innocent fan site. She is kinda cute.

by Steve Hall    Dec-23-04    

Spiderman New Ralph Lauren Model

Spiderman star Tobey McGuire might be the next Ralph Lauren model. His girlfriend, Jen Meyer, works for the fashion designer and is reportedly persuading him to pose for an upcoming ad campaign.

by Steve Hall    Dec-23-04    

'Not Created Here' Trend to Grow

Writing in the New York Times, Nat Ives gathers together several of the recent "unauthorized" ad campaigns that have contributed to the growing trend of consumer/fan/unofficial agency-created ad campaigns. Ives includes the recent Coke campaign and the upcoming Mitsubishi campaign by ad legend Harry Webber, the iPod ad created by teacher George Masters and the ads created and placed by Canadian agency Vaughn Whelan & Partners for Molson as a bid to win the account.

There are others and it's a certainty that this method of creating advertising will increase as creative people outside the walls of agencies become enabled by technology and motivated by brand loyalty.

Of course there's the notion that, one day, it will all go back to money as agencies begin to bid on this "not created here" work which, at times, will best what is or can be created internally. There's no shame in this method of doing business. It's akin to hiring a freelancer except there's no risk. The work's already done. Like it, buy it. Don't, don't. Hiring a freelancer or an ad-hoc group that hasn't yet done the work will become a thing of the past.

by Steve Hall    Dec-23-04    

Bob Brennan Should Return to Leo Burnett

Bob Brennan rose to superhero status at Leo Burnett's Starcom group along with Jack Klues. Klues is still there; Brennan isn't. He was dumped a year and a half ago after having moved to out of media and into the top spot running Leo Burnett. Rumor has swirle he'd create his own super media shop once his non-compete ran out but MediaPost's The Riff suggests, with the renewed focus on full-service agency media departments, Brennan should return to Burnett as media director.

by Steve Hall    Dec-23-04    

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