eHarmony Admits Failure, Offers Time Travel

Either eHarmony is admitting that it can't match people until they've matched themselves already or it is now offering a new time travel service.

Read this ad, which appeared on Newsday's site and was sent to us by David Berkowitz, closely.

by Steve Hall    Dec-27-04    

Laredo Group Signs Adrants, MarketingVOX for Ad Sales

Adrants and MarketingVOX have signed an agreement with the Laredo Group to handle ad sales. The two respected and widely read online publications that summarize and comment on the latest developments in on- and offline media advertising and marketing generate about 400,000 monthly page views from 225,000 unique visitors. Their opt-in daily newsletters have over 11,000 subscribers.

by Steve Hall    Dec-27-04    

Buzz Marketers Do Battle With 'Determined Detractors'

All while marketers have been exploring and, to a certain extent, benefiting from well placed buzz marketing, they have also had to contend with those who simply hate their brand for one reason or another. Dubbed "determined detractors," those who run these organized anti-brand efforts are just as passionate about destroying a brand as buzz marketers are about promoting the brand.

From ipodsdirtysecret to ihatestarbucks to Morgan Spurlock's Supersize Me movie, The New York Times Reporter Nat Ives examines how these determined detractors have locked horns with brands and how at least one company, Buzz Metrics, is helping brands fight back.

by Steve Hall    Dec-27-04    

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