Adrants Launches Readership Survey

Yes, it's that time. The advertisers are knocking on the door asking "Who are these Adrants readers?" So, we must oblige. But it's not all about the advertiser, it's about you too. We are very interested in what you think of the stories you read here on Adrants - whether they are good, bad or ugly, and what sort of things we can add or remove to make your reading pleasure increase. So, now is the time to spill forth the guts of your opinion; to praise us with adoration; to skewer us with your sword; to berate us with a baseball bat. OK, wait. You don't have to be that forthcoming. Besides, surveys are supposed to be fun. This one's not too long. There's 20 questions. Take it. You'll love it.

The survey is here. Thanks.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-04   Click to Comment   

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