Aflac Duck Takes Backseat in New Campaign

The iconic Aflac duck, which scored highly in a recent consumer awareness study and boosted brand recognition from 12 percent to 90 percent since 2000, has be relegated to background status in a new ad campaign from the insurer. In the new ads, part of a $50 million ad campaign, the duck will not utter its signature "Aflac" quack and will appear only in the background. Conversely, the duck will now become part of the company's logo.

The duck his risen to M & M character/Mr. Peanut/Tony the Tiger status. While recent research conducted by Aflac points to a need to further explain what Aflac does, messing with well known icons is always a risky bet. The new ads will now follow the out of place, "Gee, I just got hurt and can't work so Aflac is going to help pay my bills" conversation between two people that never occurs in real life.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-04   Click to Comment   

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