AOL Bails On Walled Garden

Seems AOL is taking to heart its own current ad campaign as well as NetZero's spoof and giving people what they want - more for free. AOL has decided the days of the dial-up, walled garden are fast closing and will begin to offer much of its content to non-subscribers in hopes of gaining increased ad revenue from new visitors.

AOL has always been the newbie crutch first-timers would use before they discovered the "real" internet and AOL has finally made that realization. It can't maintain the ruse that there's actually better content on AOL that can't be found elsewhere on the web. While AOL will try to keep current paid subscribers, it also hopes this move will bring more eyeballs to bear which it can then sell to advertisers. The change will occur early next year.

by Steve Hall    Dec-13-04   Click to Comment   

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