DoubleThink Prepares to Pitch Mitsubishi Account

Madison Avenue veteran Harry Webber is preparing his ad-hoc agency team, DoubleThink to pitch the now-in-review Mitsubishi account. On his website, Webber explores the plight in which Mitsubishi has found itself including sagging sales, exiting marketing execs and dealer service problems.

Webber framed the challenge thusly, writing, "...what a wonderful challenge for the creative mind. An automaker spurned by its big three godfather. The eve of an eagerly awaited new model with a 7 year gestation period. An unpopular dealer organization up in arms. A quality issue that may have put the automaker in last place in US sales. The hasty exit of an iconoclastic marketing director after his public slap to the efficacy of network television. A president and CFO who has made a public statement about the importance of 'getting the most innovative thinking.' $200+million to spend on said 'innovative thinking.'" While the industry might scoff at such efforts from an outside group, this is exactly the injection the industry needs. Granted, Webber is, most assuredly, not an outsider but he brings together creative minds, most of whom, have never worked in advertising before. Let's see what he comes up with.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-04   Click to Comment   

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