Homemade Apple iPod Ad Hits Big

There aren't many, if any, companies, other than Apple, that instill so much product love customers will go out of their way to create and ad for it. That's what high school teacher George Masters has done for the iPod and the iMac. Steve Rubel points to a Wired article about the creation and the trend towards homemade ads.

Set to the Darling Buds tune, Tiny Machine, with a 70's-themed psychedelic look, the ad, which was posted just a few weeks ago, has already been viewed 40,000 times. Industry prognosticators are gushing with adoration. Jupiter Research advertising analysts Gary Stein says, "It shows great advertising principles. He's computer-literate, but he's also literate in the language of advertising.... You could take this thing and put it on MTV this afternoon. It's not only good, it's good advertising. People go to college to learn this. He just gets it."

Stein also calls this the first "straight-up," non-spoof ad he's seen.

We're sure Adrants readers discredit that by pointing out past "straight-up" ads but this one's good. Very good.

So far, Apple is playing it smart and hasn't slapped a cease and desist on Masters as many companies might if un-sanctioned ads such as this became as popular as Masters' has. For those agency creatives reading this, Masters wouldn't mind hearing from you. He'd like to work in advertising. And we don't think you'd go wrong using his skills.

by Steve Hall    Dec-13-04   Click to Comment   

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Broken link for George Masters:

Posted by: snake on November 29, 2005 12:11 PM