'Lost' Commits First Sin, Verizon Corrects Bimbo Dad Ad

Well it didn't take long but ABC's Lost has succumbed to its first television drama sin. If brought a dead person back to life Abyss-style complete with required anguish, despair and chest pounding topped off with gleeful sobs of relief. For a moment there, we thought Lost was going to break the rules and actually kill off a main character (yes, as some others have done, you crazy fact checkers). That would have made for good TV. Trouble is, these actors have these things called contracts that usually call for them to stay alive lest their career disappear. The character in questions is Dominic Monaghan's Charlie who was found, during last night's episode, hanging by the neck after having been abducted by one of the island's unaccounted for survivors.

All was not lost though as Verizon finally made good on its Bimbo Dad commercial with one that squarely put the Dad in charge this time. Of course, it was an African-American family so we all know what would happen if Verizon made the Dad look dumb in that spot. And we're just guessing here but we're sure we heard Sean Young doing a voiceover for a Windex commercial during Lost last night. We thought she'd packed it in years ago after Jim Carry's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective heading to sandy Sedona, AZ but, according to her IMDB resume, she's been as busy as ever. Though not in any movie we've ever seen.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Dec- 8-04  
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