Million Dollar eBay Bid Latest Marketing Stunt

With all the publicity eBay gets for the odd bids that appear from time to time, an enterprising sole hopes to capitalize on that and help an advertiser out at the same time. eBayer Karl Voss has opened a bid for his slightly worn Nike Air Max Dolce shoes. The starting bid? One million dollars. Voss's strategy hinges on media coverage eBay bids occasionally receive due to of the strangeness of some bids. He believes $1 million is a small price to pay for potential media coverage of such an obscenely priced bid. Voss writes in the bid, "When selling grilled cheese on eBay can make the nightly news, imagine the exposure for your company when you buy my shoes for a Million Dollars on eBay." He states the price is non-negotiable and final.

Is there a stunt marketer out there willing to bite?

by Steve Hall    Dec-13-04   Click to Comment   

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