New Campaign Hopes to Improve Tyco's Tattered Image

With former CEO and buffoon Dennis Kozlowski up on charges of corporate scandal and facing a new trial in January, Tyco has launched a new campaign it hopes will reassure its still the world leader in fire protection and the many other industries in which it serves. Boston's HHCC, which has had the account since May of 2003, has created the campaign, part of which, includes several television spots.

In one spot, "Anthem," Tyco is portrayed as the solution to all the world's problems using the touchy, feely approach accompanied by the much overused, frog-throated, TV/movie-style voiceover. If Tyco solves so many of the world's problems, why can't it find a way to get its former CEO out of hot water?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-04   Click to Comment   

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