New Deal Allows Brands to Associate With Trash

Well, we can't call them AdverCans because that term's already taken but we'll need something to describe the appearance of ad-sponsord trash cans in Bridgeport, CT. City Media Concepts has asked the City Councill to approve a proposal to allow the company to place 30 trash cans around the city emblazoned with ads. Oddly, the city would see only 10 percent of the ad revenue generated from this deal. By giving up that much revenue, you'd think City Media Concepts would empty the trash barrels for the city but, alas, that task will remain with Birdgeport trash collectors.

We impatiently await which trashy advertisers will associate their brand with gum, fast food packaging, used condoms and whatever else finds its way into Bridgeport's trash cans.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Dec-13-04  
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