Out Of Work Creatives Launch Self-Promotional PSA

Copywriter Marc Guttesman and creative/art director Tom Millar teamed with director Joe Leih to launch marcandtom, a website spoofing public service announcements that showcases their skills as well as their need for employment.

The PSA features actors portraying Guttesman and Millar trying to succeed in a series of non-advertising jobs but failing miserably because their advertising skills are too ingrained. In one scene, Millar, as an elementary school teacher, criticizes a 5-year-old student's drawing and marks it up with a red sharpie. In another, Guttesman, as a court stenographer, rewrites a prostitute's testimony to give it more punch. The PSA ends with a voice over asking the viewer to please hire them because they can't do anything else.

Check these guys out. If they can create something as good as this, they ought to be able to do some great work for you.

by Steve Hall    Dec-15-04   Click to Comment   

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