Oxygen Promotes Show With Weblog

To promote its show Women and The Badge, a "compelling series explores the lives of real women on the front lines of law enforcement," Oxygen Network has launched a weblog called Officer Dubina's Blog.

It's an inside look at the life of Jan Dubina, a Phoenix Police Department Special Assignments Unit member, who's also featured on the show.

Dubina minces no words when it comes to her job and the lives of those she comes into contact with writing, "My job is often as a negotiator, but it’s not always like it seems to be in the movies. Actually, much of my time is spent negotiating with possible suicides in an effort to keep them alive. I can’t say how successful I am because if a person decides to kill themselves is that a failure? I don’t look at it that way. There are people who are determined to kill themselves no matter what, and some want us to kill them." OK, then.

by Steve Hall    Dec-22-04   Click to Comment   

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