'Santa' Gets On All Fours, Town Gets Up In Arms

Santa's Hot Daughter?

A strip club in Northfield (UK) has parents embarrassed and kids wondering why Santa suddenly got so hot. The Medusa Club has placed an outdoor board with a nearly naked woman on all fours dressed in Santa garb near a busy shopping center. One young girl asked her mom, "Mummy, where's the real Santa?" One official reacted quickly saying, "This is the very worst kind of advertising because it is designed to alarm and shock people. I want these adverts removed as soon as possible and I've contacted Northfield's constituency director." Harumph! Of course, the Medusa Club is loving it. "We've had no complaints so far - in fact it's quite the reverse. People have been saying how effective the adverts are," a spokesman said. Thanks to Charley Brough.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-04   Click to Comment   

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