CIO Podcast Catches CIO Magazine With Pants Down

The Delmarva Group has launched CIO Podcast, a daily audio "broadcast" targeted to chief information officers and other information technology professionals. It's what CIO Magazine should have launched but with Podcasting still in nascent development, it's not surprising larger publishers haven't jumped aboard. Podcasts are mp3 audio files delivered via rss which makes it very easy for both publishers to offer content and for people to consume content. Setting up a podcast is very easy and similar to recording a radio program.

Most companies could benefit from having their content available in additional formats and we all know many people find it easier to listen to content as opposed to reading it. Advertisers can sponsor podcasts in a fashion similar to radio sponsorship and advertising. With increased reliance on digital devices such as cell phones, MP3 players and PDAs for content, people will rely less on traditional content channels such as television and radio. Podcasting is a method to stay with these people as they move from the old to the new.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-05    

BURST! Media Offers Blog Focused Network Channel

BURST! Media, an ad network, has launched an weblog sub-channel which includes Gawker Media sites Gawker, Wonkette and Defamer as well as the blogs BlueLemur, CelebCourthouse and 2WallsWebzine. Kyocera Wireless is the first advertiser to to use the channel.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-05    

Bacardi Bows BacardiLive

Drunken Stepfather points us to a new site from Bacardi called BacardiLive.

In a video, the characters "Bacardi" and "Cola," introduce "Diet Coke," a little guy who pumps up the benefits of Diet Coke to two sultry ladies at a party. The skit is just a small part of the site which let's you step inside the world of Bacardi with music pumped in while games, sweepstakes, Bacardi-gras, gorgeous Bacardi gallery girls and a bit of Fat Joe are enjoyed. Recently, Bacardi also launched PlanetParty - a virtual nightclub and human party behavior information site for aliens.

The site is engaging enough to warrant some time spent fooling around which, in the long run, is all good. As you radio buyers know, high TSL is a very good thing.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-05    

New Magazine Launches For Stage Moms

While stage moms don't need any more ammunition to make them even more overbearing and freakishly obsessive about their children, Fairchild Publications is going to make that possible with the launch of its new Cookie magazine. Cookie, billed as "The Magazine for Sophisticated Parents," is a style and shopping magazine filled with all sorts of fashionable items no kid actually needs but will help parents play Barbie using their kids.

The magazine hopes to offer parents information to dress their children in classic style, help them eat exotic foods and surround them with great design. Well, at least it might keep the kids out of McDonald's.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-05    

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Cyber Sex Has A Purpose

Bunny McIntosh of Melting Dolls has the solution for preventing teen sex and all the dangers that come with it. She's created an ad telling teens to turn to cyber sex rather than flesh and bone to release their sexual urges. Since AOL brought chat to the masses, unleashing the over-sexed freaks of the world upon unsuspecting teens, cyber sex has become a mainstay. Until now, it's been a scary prospect for parents. Now, it has a purpose. Perhaps now, parents will even encourage their teen children to experience a little extra bliss locked in their rooms behind their computer screen, one hand on the keyboard, the other somewhere else.

Promoting safe and healthy masturbatorial pleasure, the ad mirrors the preachy, anti-drug campaign tone with a visual of a smiling teen who says, in body copy, "I'm choosing cyber sex. Cyber sex is a safe alternative to intercourse. No STD's, no babies, no pressure. Just a 40 year old man in is grandma's basement who likes to tell me I'm pretty."

Sure it's a joke but it's also true. A little regular masturbation never hurt anybody. Full sized ad is here.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-05